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Our clients include Veridis Clothiers and HyBrid ARC Architecture.

Veridis Clothiers:

Point of Sale server was not reading hard drive.  Diagnosed as a failed SATA bus on motherboard not a hard drive failure.  Provided temporary server to Veridis while waiting on the replacement motherboard.  Installed replacement motherboard and without a single minute of reinstalling software the Point of Sale server was back online.

HyBrid ARC Architecture:

ARC wanted to upgrade their aging workstations.  Computer Love researched the best hardware for their needs and provided an exact quote within hours for two brand new custom built Intel i-5 based workstations.  Within 72 hours of ARC's initial request their machines were built and ready to work.

Custom Workstation Specs:

  • i5 2500k processor
  • 16gb ddr3 ram
  • 120gb ssd
  • Radeon HD 6770
  • Rosewill 640w 80plus PSU
  • Rosewill Redbone dual-fan case

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Veridis Clothiers

HyBrid ARC Architecture


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